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Shopping at Woodbury

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A cloudy and all grey morning in New York. This day was planned spending on shopping at Woodbury Common Premium Outlet. Unfortunately, about 500 other people were thinking the same thing. But they called in extra buses so all people could travel. My cold was not getting any better and thank God for the sore throat lozenges I bought yesterday.
We arrived at the shopping center ten minutes prior opening so we had time to get maps and the book of discount coupons that they handed out for free. When the stores opened at 10am and doors opened you could just run crazy. I had loaded my credit card with almost unlimited amount of money so I could just go for it. Discount signs here and there, all in between 20-70% off. And we are talking brands like Banana Republic, Adidas, Nike, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Disney, Izod, Gucci and so on. My favorite became Calvin Klein since the clothes did fit my “special designed” figure ;) We met for lunch. Then we went back for some more shopping as my credit card were almost glowing. But when the time was around 3pm we felt exhausted finished shopping and decided to take the bus back to New York.

But now all the trouble started. First of all, none of the buses back to New York did departure in time. And when you spotted a bus it just drove by! Second, it started to rain like hell. Yes! Awesome (not)! Without an umbrella holding like 72 shopping bags in my hands… And I felt my nose started to flow. So, I had to stuff my nose with paper handkerchiefs so I didn’t have to blow my nose all the time. Haha, I can only imagine how funny I looked! But finally, a bus came and stopped. But all people in the line (which had become quite long by now) couldn’t embark this bus. But we finally could embark the next bus. All wet and tired we sat down at our seats.
But don’t think the trouble ended here! After half an hour the driver drove off the road to a bus depot and none of us passengers understood what was going on. Apparently, something was wrong with the bus. Something with the air conditioning so the driver couldn’t see through the window because of the condensation. So, for safety reasons the driver changed to another bus. And of course, if the driver can’t see I don’t want to ride on that bus! So now all passengers had to get off the bus with all their shopping bags and get onboard the new one. When everyone finally was seated on the new bus the bus driver announced that this was the WRONG bus… My first thought was, “What the f***?! Are you kidding me?!” So once again we all had to disembark the bus with all shopping bags and embark a third bus. And when I was grabbing my shopping bags the paper bags had almost dissolved from all the raining and fell out. YES! Then I lost my patient. This was not happening! After crumple everything up in plastic bags I boarded the third bus and sat down on the first best seat. Angry, cranky, with a cold and now probably even fever I sat there and thought that if something else happens now before we got back to New York - I’ll explode.

Fortunately, nothing else happened. But we had run late so we got stuck in the rush hour in New York. The drive back to New York would have taken 1 hour, but according to Murphy’s Law the bus drive took 3 hours! As soon as we got off the bus I went to the nearest Pharmacy and bought nasal spray because now my nose had swollen up so I couldn’t breathe. So, after a hot shower, nasal spray, sore throat lozenges and pills reducing the fever I managed to sleep all night. And those of you who wonder why on earth I could go to Woodbury with a cold I can just tell you I don’t regret it at all. I haven’t made so many bargains in years.

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